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005 - Hush

I...I can't talk.
But it's not like I haven't gone through this before. At least I can still use both arms this time, and am not in danger of becoming a Lost One. These things only usually last a day, anyway, right? I'm sure it'll be fine.

Oh! Silabus, would you mind dropping by when you get a chance? I have something for you. It got done a lot faster than I expected thanks to Kite. ♥
Speaking of that, thank you again for all your help, Kite!

((Strikes = hackable, but a bit difficult for those outside .hack canon.
Just a heads up, I won't be on at all tomorrow--it's still the 15th here--but I will address all comments promptly on Saturday. ♥))

004 - Production

This closet is wonderful! Now I have everything I need. Even if I don't know how to use a sewing machine... Ah, it'll be more special if I sew it by hand anyway.

Silabus, I hope you feel better soon.

((Strikes are hackable to anyone except Silabus--Atoli is making him a surprise present to cheer him up. Said present happens to be a plushie of Haseo that looks like so, annoyed expression and all. \o/))

003 - Holiday

I found the perfect costume last night. I was looking through the closet, and there it was in the back! It's like this room was made for me.

Tonight I'm going trick-or-treating with Elk, Kite, Silabus and Haseo! It's going to be so fun! ♥

((Atoli is a Gold Bird for Halloween, so imagine a costume like this but more...Gold Bird-ish. :3 I was going to draw, but I'm lazy--what do you want from me?
And I know I said she'd be a Green Chocobo, Ren, but a Gold Bird makes more sense with the whole "Don't kick" thing, yeah? xD))

001 - Log In

Um… Excuse me, but can anyone tell me where I am? It doesn’t look like any of the “The World’s” servers, but maybe I just didn’t get the email about it. I’ll check again and--

Ah! I can’t log out--what’s going on? AIDA is gone, so it can’t be another AIDA server. Besides, if it was, I’d hear that sound…

I haven’t tried looking around much yet--I should probably fix that. Maybe I can find someone I know, and hopefully they’ll know what’s going on. Haseo? Anyone?